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Public services and interfaces of Cardsmobile platform

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Cardsmobile Services and Interfaces Overview

Public services and interfaces available for Cardsmobile partners are shown in the diagram:

Loyalty Card Integration Services

Additional Loyalty Card Services

  • TOTP Service — service for authentication of mobile loyalty cards based on temporary one-time passwords (TOTP).

  • Place Info API — API for synchronization of partner's service points list.

  • Check-In API — API for geographical registration (check in) of mobile loyalty cards at partner's service points.

  • Push API — API for sending push messages to loyalty program customers using the Koshelek app.

  • Promo API — API for creating nationwide promos for customers and for distributing it among users.

  • Pay API — API for making in-store payments with Koshelek Pay service.

  • Store API — API for managing Merchant stores integrated with Koshelek Pay service.

Banking Products Integration Services

The Koshelek App Usage Scenarios

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